The 8 Best Real Estate Photographers in Salt Lake City


earching for Salt Lake City real estate photographers for a forthcoming project? We understand! Utah’s largest city is the place to be if you are looking to find a real estate media partner who knows how to tell a visual narrative. But unless you are already something of an expert, it can be hard to find just the right creative partner. That’s why we at Peerspace have curated this list of the top Salt Lake City real estate photographers to partner up with in 2022. Feel free to take a look and thank us later!

1. Jake Baudoux

Like many of the best Salt Lake City real estate photographers, Jake Baudoux started off in another field. In his case, it was clinical pharmacy! However, as his passion for the art form grew, Jake realized that his talents were in demand here in SLC.

Eventually, he found his way into yacht and real estate photography, which he now offers exclusively as a specialist. And if you happen to have homes in other parts of the country, Jake is also active regularly in Tampa Bay, Florida for yacht and real estate photoshoots!

2. Ben Accinelli

Ben Accinelli is the creative mastermind behind Shoot to Sell, a Utah business focused on helping to market products, services, and spaces using the most appealing visuals possible. Ben’s approach is a thoughtful one.

He incorporates establishing shots using details of interior elements and traditional wide-angle perspectives. Ben combines these with a saturated color style that makes his photography feel distinctly welcoming to viewers. It’s an emotive style of real estate photography that you can’t help but love!

3. Utah Real Estate Photographers

As Utah Real Estate Photographers know, the difference between a fast sale and a flop is all too often the quality of the images. Amateur photos don’t inspire confidence, nor do they engage viewers at an emotional level.

That’s why these top Salt Lake City real estate photographers craft images that directly speak to the unique qualities of a space. The way architectural lines, natural light, and interior design elements all evoke emotion in prospective visitors. Their images are the next best thing to being there yourself!

4. R/E Real Estate Photography UTAH

Looking for real estate media providers that see each space as a fresh new project, rather than provide derivative images? Try browsing the portfolio of R/E Real Estate Photography UTAH. They have over a decade of experience working as professional Salt Lake City real estate photographers. What’s more, they even have several awards to their name, including Best Architecture and Best of State four times in a row!

From twilight presentations in the evening to social media marketing packages, there’s no aspect of the real estate media world they don’t have experience with.


Many photographers only dabble in real estate and actually shoot a wide range of commercial photography. But it often pays to work with a specialist like LYSTPROS! By focusing on this niche they can offer a wider range of services at much higher quality.

LYSTPROS offers traditional interior and exterior photography as well as videography, Matterport 3D virtual tours, floor plans, virtual staging, and more. Everything prospective buyers have come to expect from a remote tour of a new home or commercial space. They also offer fast and intuitive scheduling and rapid turnover, so you can get a listing up and moving while the market is active!

6. Full Frame Home Tours

Full Frame Home Tours is a team of visual artists that don’t sacrifice quality and beauty while capturing homes in an efficient and systematic manner. When browsing their portfolio, we are consistently impressed by the angles and compositions they use. The strongest visual elements of the scene are presented in a dynamic manner. These invite you to deeply consider how you could make each space your own!

What’s more, their client feedback is radiantly positive. Here is what one person had to say about their experience working with Full Frame Home Tours. “I have worked with Ann over the past year and a half. She shoots ALL of my homes that I am listing, and every time her work has been exceptional! She has an extremely detailed focus and takes a lot of pride in what she does. I would recommend her work to anyone!”

7. Kyle Aiken

Architectural and interior images are the specialty of Kyle Aiken, Salt Lake City real estate photographer! From luxury homes to downtown commercial spaces, we love how talented he is at crafting a mood using lighting, interior, and exterior design elements.

We get a distinct sense of the purpose and unique aspects of a space when viewing his images. And in this way, you are effortlessly transported into what it feels like to be present therein, an important aspect of a successful real estate photograph!

8. Matt Barr Photography

Thanks to his 20 years of experience in the world of commercial photography, Matt Barr is a partner of choice for Utah businesses and brands! He is a commercial photographer who provides real estate media, event photography, corporate headshots, and more.

And when shooting spaces and buildings, Matt’s affinity for lines, ambiance, and color is all too clear. He masterfully transports you inside using leading lines and architectural elements that are unique to the building. We also get a distinct sense of the purpose of a particular space thanks to how the image is framed and captured. Matt’s use of richly saturated colors and contrast also craft an upbeat and engaging feel that’s ideal for a wide range of real estate subjects!

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